1. What is the purpose of the Wall of Impact?

Seeing believes, they say. When I see, I think. Images possess the power to convey intricate messages, stir emotions, and ignite action. When we strive for personal change or seek to alter habits, visual stimuli can evoke profound emotional responses. By consistently exposing ourselves to these visuals through a Wall of Impact adorned with images and quotes, we forge new neural pathways in our brains, facilitating gradual transformation. Thus, embracing a Wall of Impact can expedite personal growth, nurturing a better version of ourselves and enhancing our overall personality.

2. How long it takes to bring change in me or in my life?

The effectiveness of a Wall of Impact hinges on various factors, including its placement, the duration of exposure to the images and quotes, the level of attention devoted to these frames, and most importantly, your willingness to change. It's not solely about the frames themselves; your desire for self-improvement also holds significant sway in fostering positive change. In essence, both external stimuli and internal motivation converge to unleash the best version of yourself.

3. Are there specific criteria to get the Wall of Impact?

There are no specific criteria for what you choose to display on your Wall of Impact; it's entirely based on the areas you believe need improvement or the goals you wish to pursue. Whether it's as small as cultivating a habit like drinking more water, or as significant as overcoming addictive behaviours such as smoking or alcohol consumption, or even aspiring towards future goals like owning a house or supporting your child's dream of becoming a pilot—it's entirely your decision. We're here to assist you in refining your ideas and providing the most impactful words, phrases, or quotes to support your journey towards achieving these aspirations.

4. Who needs Wall of impact?

Indeed, the need for a Wall of Impact extends to everyone, regardless of whether they are grappling with critical mental or habit issues. Even if one feels content in various aspects of life, there are ample reasons to embrace such a wall. It can serve as a canvas to personalize one's happy personality or uplift the interior ambiance with positive images and quotes. Parents might opt for it to inspire their children towards their goals or to foster relationship aspirations. Moreover, it can creatively display house rules, adding a unique touch to the living space. In essence, there are countless reasons why such a wall is beneficial, making it a valuable addition for anyone seeking inspiration, motivation, or simply a touch of positivity in their surroundings.

5. Can the Wall be accessed online or digitally?

NO. The essence of a Wall of Impact lies in its constant presence within your field of vision. The more frequently you encounter it, the more deeply it embeds itself in your memory, prompting gradual positive changes. By having it prominently displayed, it triggers immediate responses and remains etched in your consciousness. This phenomenon operates on the principle of repetition—a fundamental law of memory retention. A Wall of Impact effectively aids in selectively remembering valuable information while filtering out less pertinent data, thereby fostering personal growth and development.

6. Is there a process for feedback or suggestions regarding the Wall of Impact?

You can like us on our many social media pages like- you can make a short video and share on any social media platforms. You can directly mail us on….email id-feedback@wallofimpact.com

7. Why I have to fill questionnaire to get this wall of impact?

Questionnaires play a crucial role in our process as they provide us with essential information about you and offer insights into your specific concerns. Analyzing the responses allows us to prepare thoroughly for our one-hour discussion session, ensuring that both parties are adequately equipped to address needs comprehensively. Without these questionnaires, the limited time during our discussion session would make it challenging to delve into the specifics effectively. Therefore, filling and submitting these questionnaires is a valuable tool in understanding your requirements before embarking on the journey of creating your Wall of Impact.

8. Why filling all Questionnaires are so crucial?

Absolutely, questionnaires serve as the foundation for us to gain a deeper understanding of you and your journey, particularly regarding the specific reason you require a Wall of Impact. They provide valuable insights into your concerns and aspirations, enabling us to tailor our approach accordingly. By filling out and submitting the questionnaire, you afford us the opportunity to comprehensively comprehend your needs before our discussion session. This allows us to curate our questions and prepare effectively, ultimately saving time and facilitating a more nuanced understanding of you as an individual, including your personality traits and preferences.

9. Do I have to fill the entire questionnaires?

Please fill out the questionnaires with the information that is relevant to you. Providing as much detail as possible will enable us to gain a deeper understanding of your concerns before our discussion session, allowing for a more effective and tailored approach to addressing your needs. Your input is invaluable in ensuring that we can provide the best possible support and guidance throughout the process of creating your Wall of Impact.

10. What if I fill one or more questionnaire?

Certainly, you’re welcome to fill out as many questionnaires as you'd like to discuss. However, it's important to keep in mind that if we cover numerous topics during our one-hour session, we may not have sufficient time to delve deeply into each point. Prioritizing your needs will enable us to keep our discussion focused while ensuring that we can address your concerns in sufficient depth. This approach will help us create a highly impactful well-tailored to your requirements, without the need for additional sessions.

11. Can I fill this questionnaire on behalf of someone else?

Yes you can, if the concern doesn’t involve very private information about this person’s life. As we respect everyone’s privacy. One should not feel that his private life is been discussed by people.

12. Can I gift wall of impact to my friends and family?

Yes, you can absolutely gift a Wall of Impact to your friends and family. However, it's crucial to exercise caution when it comes to revealing any personal information about them. Respecting their privacy is paramount, and discussions about their private life should only occur with their explicit consent. If you're focusing solely on incorporating feel-good elements or positive messages without delving into their personal affairs, then gifting a Wall of Impact is a wonderful way to inspire and uplift them without compromising their privacy. Always prioritize their comfort and consent when considering such gifts.

13. Can I have a wall of impact for my kids?

Absolutely! You can definitely have a Wall of Impact for your kids. It can be tailored to address various aspects such as goal setting, managing anger issues, instilling family values, or any other areas you wish to focus on for their improvement and development. This personalized wall can serve as a source of motivation and focus for them, helping to inspire and guide them towards their goals and aspirations. Creating a dedicated Wall of Impact for your kids is a wonderful way to support their growth and encourage positive habits and behaviors.

14. Is my private information is safe?

Certainly, we prioritize privacy and respect the confidentiality of individuals. While questionnaires are essential for understanding your needs and concerns, we only ask for information that is relevant to the creation of your Wall of Impact and does not delve into overly personal details. Your privacy and comfort are paramount, and we ensure that any information shared remains confidential. Our goal is to create a supportive and respectful environment where you feel at ease discussing your aspirations and challenges without fear of intrusion into your private life.

15. Why I need an hourly session to get this wall of impact?

By meticulously analysing the questionnaire and engaging in a one-hour discussion session, we can gain a deep understanding of your needs and preferences. This process allows us to confirm our understanding, refine our framework, and tailor the Wall of Impact to your specific requirements. Ultimately, this personalized approach ensures that the final product is highly effective, resonates with your personality, and serves as a valuable tool for fostering positive change and personal growth.

16. Why we have so many steps to get a Wall of impact?

The process of obtaining a Wall of Impact involves several steps because it's not just a product; it's a deeply personal journey tailored specifically for you. The Wall of Impact journey is an opportunity for self-reflection, introspection, and discussion about your strengths and weaknesses. It's a chance to explore the darkest and brightest aspects of you, facing both the challenges and the triumphs.

This journey isn't solely about confronting the shadows within; it's also about recognizing and amplifying the light within you, empowering you to illuminate the world around you. By engaging in this process, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and come to appreciate the person you've become.

We incorporate these steps to imbue the journey with meaning and emotion, reminding you that you've actively participated and earned every aspect of your Wall of Impact. It's more than just a physical display—it's a testament to your growth, resilience, and self-discovery. This journey is about embracing and celebrating your journey toward personal empowerment and positive transformation.

This journey isn't solely about confronting the shadows within; it's also about recognizing and amplifying the light within you, empowering you to illuminate the world around you. By engaging in this process, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and come to appreciate the person you've become.

We incorporate these steps to imbue the journey with meaning and emotion, reminding you that you've actively participated and earned every aspect of your Wall of Impact. It's more than just a physical display—it's a testament to your growth, resilience, and self-discovery. This journey is about embracing and celebrating your journey toward personal empowerment and positive transformation.

17. What is the next step after the 1 hour discussion?

After the one-hour discussion session, the next step is to further analyse the insights gained during our conversation. We meticulously review the inputs from the session, along with the information gathered from the questionnaire, refining our understanding and confirming various conclusions and aspects.

Once we have thoroughly processed this information, we proceed to curate a selection of 5-7 best-suited quotes, phrases, or simple words that resonate with your journey and aspirations. Additionally, we request that you submit your favourite images or quotes—ones that uplift your mood and evoke positive emotions. We may also offer suggestions from our side based on our expertise and experience.

With this collection of personalized elements in hand, we embark on the creation of your customized frames. Each frame is carefully crafted to incorporate the selected images paired with the most fitting quotes or phrases. Depending on your preferences, we create the desired number of frames, ensuring that each one is tailored to reflect your unique personality, goals, and aspirations.

Once the frames are ready, we provide you with the final product, allowing you to enjoy and benefit from your personalized Wall of Impact in your everyday life.

18. Do I have to pay for the frames too.

Yes, you are required to pay for the frames as well. Each stage of the Wall of Impact concept involves a significant amount of time and effort to create a personalized experience for you. We don't rely on ready-made quotes or images; instead, we meticulously curate them based on your individual needs and preferences.

The initial payment covers the analysis of the questionnaire, the discussion session analysis, and the process of finding the best images and suitable quotes to form the foundation for creating the frames. When you pay for the frames, it covers the costs associated with designing, printing on high-quality paper, using frame materials, and shipping them to your location.

Having the physical frames on your wall is essential to completing the Wall of Impact concept, as it serves as a daily reminder and source of inspiration tailored specifically for you. This is how you receive your personalized Wall of Impact, crafted with care and attention to detail to empower and uplift you on your journey.

19. What if a client provides all the needed pictures and quotes, do I still have to pay for it?

Yes, even if a client provides all the needed pictures and quotes, there is still a charge for the creation of the frames. While we appreciate and encourage client input in selecting images and quotes that resonate with them, our goal is to ensure that these elements align with the Wall of Impact concept and the client's specific needs.

Even if provided by the client, we still need to work on the images and quotes to ensure they are suitable for the intended purpose and cohesive with the overall design concept. This may involve adjustments, formatting, and customization to integrate them seamlessly into the frames.

Additionally, there are costs associated with printing the images, using quality materials for the frames, and shipping the final product to the client. Therefore, regardless of whether the client provides the images and quotes, there is still a fee for the creation and delivery of the frames as part of the personalized Wall of Impact service.

20. What about if I cancel the service?

If you cancel the service before the session, a 50% of the initial payment will be deducted, and the remainder will be refunded to you. This deduction is necessary because we begin working on your questionnaire as soon as we receive it to prepare for the discussion session. Therefore, if you decide not to proceed with the service, we incur costs associated with this initial preparation.

If you cancel after the discussion session and choose not to proceed further, you will not be required to pay for the next step, and we will not proceed with creating the frames.

If you have already paid for the specified number of frames and then decide to cancel, we will deduct a 75% of the payment to cover the work already done on image creation and quote selection. The remaining amount will then be refunded to you.

These cancellation policies are in place to ensure that we can cover the costs associated with the work done up to that point while also providing fair treatment to our clients in the event of a cancellation.

21. Can I get this wall of impact for my business, office or corporate?

Certainly! The Wall of Impact concept can be extended to businesses, offices, and corporate environments as well. It serves as a powerful tool for displaying the vision and mission of the company, keeping the workforce motivated, and fostering a goal-oriented team culture.

By showcasing the company's achievements, values, and aspirations, the Wall of Impact creates a visually inspiring environment that motivates employees and boosts positivity in the workplace. It serves as a constant reminder of the organization's goals and accomplishments, helping to keep enthusiasm high and morale uplifted.

Whether it's in a reception area, meeting room, or common workspace, implementing a Wall of Impact can significantly contribute to creating a positive and productive work environment in a corporate setting.

22. Do I have to go through the same process as for the individual?

Absolutely not, for a corporate Wall of Impact, you can simply email us at [info@wallofimpact.com to initiate the process. We'll then schedule a separate appointment specifically tailored to discuss the available options and requirements for your corporate needs. This allows us to customize the process to suit the unique dynamics and goals of your organization, ensuring that the corporate Wall of Impact aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives.

23. Can I fill these questionnaires in Hindi?

Yes, you can fill this questionnaire in Hindi also.

24. Can I get this wall of impact in Hindi?

Yes, you can get this wall of impact in Hindi also; we can have discussion session in Hindi.