Counselling Services (Digital Product):

Refunds: Due to the immediate delivery of intangible services, refunds for counselling sessions are generally not provided. However, if you are unsatisfied with your session, please contact us within [X] days of the session date to discuss your concerns. We are committed to addressing any issues to ensure your satisfaction.

Physical Frames (Physical Product):

Returns: there is no physical frame return(only if received wring or damaged product) as it is personalised and approved product by you, once approved then only we start making physical product. 

Refunds: Refunds for any goods and services completely depends upon the stage of the process. As mentioned in the policy. IF refund will be processed at any stage, refunds will be issued to the original payment method within [5-7] business days.

Client-Provided Content: Even if clients provide all required pictures and quotes, a fee is charged for frame creation. This fee covers customization and integration efforts, along with printing, materials, and shipping costs.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation before Session: If you cancel before the session, a portion of the initial payment will be deducted, covering preparation costs incurred upon questionnaire receipt.

Cancellation after Discussion Session: Cancelling after the discussion session means no payment for subsequent steps, and we halt frame creation.

Cancellation after Payment for Frames: If frames were paid for and cancellation occurs, a deduction covers work done on image creation and quote selection, with the remainder refunded.

Our commitment: These policies ensure fair treatment while covering costs incurred up to the point of cancellation. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and addressing any concerns promptly.