Why Positive Quotes or Words on the Frames?

Wall-of-impact is a solution-focused approach that uses different steps to help people gain more control over their feelings and behaviours to reduce symptoms and improve their ability to manage life stressors. Wall-of-Impact Theoretical Underpinning combines theories of behaviourism and it seeks to explain that our thoughts, not events, influences feelings and behaviours, and therefore that we can have better control over them. The idea is that people and circumstances do not make us feel bad, but our interpretation does. The concept of Wall of impact- requires the active participation of the client at every step and focuses personally on the individual’s wellbeing. Wall-of-impact is very impactful for the people with mood disorder, anxiety disorder, marital distress, anger, childhood disorder, chronic pain.  Wall-of-impact is a goal-oriented concept. The ultimate goal of wall-of-impact is to help clients identify unhelpful thinking patterns that lead to problematic behaviour. Therefore, our Questionnaires and 1 hour discussion session reveals to us, which thoughts and behaviours should be the focus, To ensure the client attends the change they envision for themselves.

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